[Linux-aus] LCA2018 venue: which UoT Sydney campus?

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> Can anyone tell me for sure _which_ University of Technology, Sydney,
> campus LCA2018 is being held at?  And/or a nearby cross street to help with
> accommodation planning?
> http://lca2018.linux.org.au/ just says "University of Technology,
> Sydney", but there appear to be several campuses:
> http://maps.uts.edu.au/map.cfm
> (some, but not all, of which seem to be within walking distance of each
> other).  My guess is the Broadway Campus, with Broadway / Harris Street
> or Thomas / Harris Street being reasonable corners to measure distances
> from, but it's just a guess.
> Given that there's no LCA2018 accommodation information available ("coming
> soon" -- http://lca2018.linux.org.au/attend/accommodation/), and no
> estimate on when that might arrive (eg, LCA2018 ticket #473), and I need to
> be in Sydney some/all of the week before, I'm considering just trying to
> book, eg, a studio apartment for the 2 weeks.  Rather than trying to book
> week before / week of LCA2018 separately.
> If I do that, I'd like to at least end up within easy walking distance of
> LCA2018, which is a bit tough to figure out while still trying to guess at
> the LCA2018 venue.

Haymarket, Broadway and Blackfriars are all "precincts" within walking
distance of each other - if you look at the maps, they're all within a few
blocks of each other in Ultimo/Haymarket.

I'm happy to bet quite a large sum that LCA isn't being held at Moore Park.


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