[Linux-aus] LCA2018 venue: which UoT Sydney campus?

Bruce Crawley bruce.crawley at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 10:29:58 AEDT 2017

Hi Ewen and everyone else,

First of all we apologise for missing your communication with us. That was
a multi-level problem there and I encourage anyone who has concerns with
response times to contact me directly via bruce at lca2018.org and I'll do
what I can to expedite things.

I can confirm that the conference is indeed being held at the main UTS
campus in Broadway. The main plenary sessions and rego desks will be
located in the main UTS tower building (CB01), with other sessions running
in the adjoining buildings. We have updated the venue page overnight to add
some clarity: https://linux.conf.au/about/venue/

Overnight we have also finally updated the accommodation page with some
details of what we have been able to procure from nearby hotels. More
information can be found here: https://linux.conf.au/attend/accommodation/


Bruce Crawley
linux.conf.au 2018
Conference Director

On 16 October 2017 at 17:14, Ewen McNeill via linux-aus <
linux-aus at lists.linux.org.au> wrote:

> Can anyone tell me for sure _which_ University of Technology, Sydney,
> campus LCA2018 is being held at?  And/or a nearby cross street to help with
> accommodation planning?
> http://lca2018.linux.org.au/ just says "University of Technology,
> Sydney", but there appear to be several campuses:
> http://maps.uts.edu.au/map.cfm
> (some, but not all, of which seem to be within walking distance of each
> other).  My guess is the Broadway Campus, with Broadway / Harris Street
> or Thomas / Harris Street being reasonable corners to measure distances
> from, but it's just a guess.
> Given that there's no LCA2018 accommodation information available ("coming
> soon" -- http://lca2018.linux.org.au/attend/accommodation/), and no
> estimate on when that might arrive (eg, LCA2018 ticket #473), and I need to
> be in Sydney some/all of the week before, I'm considering just trying to
> book, eg, a studio apartment for the 2 weeks.  Rather than trying to book
> week before / week of LCA2018 separately.
> If I do that, I'd like to at least end up within easy walking distance of
> LCA2018, which is a bit tough to figure out while still trying to guess at
> the LCA2018 venue.
> Any hints welcomed,
> Thanks,
> Ewen
> PS: Asking here because there's no detailed location information on the
> LCA2018 website, no indicate of when it might appear, and I've had no
> answer from LCA2018 team in 10+ days.
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