[Linux-aus] Should Linux Australia change its name to Open Source Australia?

Troy Lea troy at box293.com
Thu Dec 21 09:27:48 AEDT 2017

With the discussion seeming to be about OSA vs OSIA I would like to throw
this into the conversation.

Would it be worthwhile for LA and OSIA to merge as one organisation?

Troy Lea
IT Consultant and Nagios Developer
troy at box293.com

On Tue, Dec 19, 2017 at 7:58 PM, Linux Australia President via linux-aus <
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> Hi everyone,
> Linux Australia is an incorporated association, registered in the state
> of NSW, and has been in operation since around 2001. Initially convened
> as a vehicle to operate linux.conf.au, the organisation's remit,
> activities and scope have broadened significantly over the last decade
> and a half.
> We think it's time to change the name of the organisation to
> better reflect our widened mission, values, activities, partnerships and
> influence.
> But wait, hasn't this been tried before?
> Yes. In 2012/2013, the Linux Australia Council, led then by John
> Ferlito, attempted a name change. Consensus could not be reached on a
> name to change *to*, and so Linux Australia remained Linux Australia.
> This time, we're learning from the outcome of that process, and would
> like to present to you a decision:
> Should Linux Australia change its name to Open Source Australia (Yes/No)
> Other aspects of the organisation - constitution, makeup and so on, are
> not proposed to be changed.
> We're communicating this now to provide the community with time to
> discuss this proposed change before the AGM, where the resolution will
> be tabled in the AGM agenda. The result of the vote will be tabled
> at the AGM. That is, if the majority vote 'No', we won't change the
> name. If the majority vote 'Yes', we will.
> If you are a member of Linux Australia, you will be able to vote on this
> resolution at:
> https://www.linux.org.au/membership/index.php?page=view-election&id=25
> Voting will open 25th December 2017, the same time voting opens for
> Council Elections, and will close on 21 January, the same time voting
> closes for Council Elections.
> Let the discussion begin.
> Kind regards,
> Kathy
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