[Linux-aus] Ballarat Hackerspace reporting in - Milestone three completed

Robert Layton robert at ballarathackerspace.org.au
Wed Dec 13 22:09:10 AEDT 2017

Hi all!

This is our final check-in for our grant application. It's a little late -
that's my fault for not getting to it earlier, but the women have been very
active in the space.

They have put together a Prusa 3D printer, and are getting successful
prints out of it! Plans are underway for future Raspberry Pi workshops for
WW, and we have two new female members looking to help Kim with future
events on Wednesday nights. They are doing a great job!

Formally, against our milestones. We have 7 female members and 23 members
overall, for a 30% female membership rate! So that's all milestones
completed, and all KPIs met for this year.

I'm really proud of the continued work that Kim has put into these nights,
as well as our other committee members who have provided their time to help
out with workshops, setting up, and getting things running.

Thanks also to Linux Australia for your support this year, and the general
support to the hacking community. Have a great Christmas!

- Robert, on behalf of the Ballarat Hackerspace committee
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