[Linux-aus] Linux Australia Grant Report

Robert Manietta Robert.Manietta at hsipswich.org.au
Tue Dec 12 00:26:29 AEDT 2017

 Good Day to all concerned.

- the items purchased with the grant.  Purchased with the grant from Linux Australia were 10 Raspberry Pi’s and 3 TP-Link 8 port POE switches.

- Activities undertaken with the grant resources to date 5 workshops have been run utilizing the Pi’s covering open source technologies, Git, Markdown and Docker.

- Our reach / any specific cohorts: The Workshops attracted 15 individuals to learn about GIT and Markdown. The workshop on docker saw a further 3 attend the course and learn on our Raspberry Pi systems.

- 19 people aged between 12-64 learned more about Docker, GIT and Markdown.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our Linux Introduction Course has been pushed out until the new year to ensure the best results, and attendance for that course.

Over the up coming months many more planned courses and training will be coming,  focusing on area's discovered through open consultation it has been discovered there is  a strong desire for some web development on the Raspberry Pi's, and some IOT applications based on the Raspberry Pi's that some in the wider community are heavily interested in.  Continually we have contact with people across the community interested in the workshops and courses.

We have though been forced to limit places on these events to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity and access to our members who have taken on leading these workshops and courses ( our field experts ).  Further it was discovered that by keeping our workshop and course groups smaller there is more time for those whom have these skills to sit with and assist those whom attend these events aiding them to get the most out of the said training events.

 With each workshop / course we are improving our resources and continue to make them available to all through our public gitlab account with open licences for other groups to use and to modify as they wish.



Projects in the IT&T Cause area

HSIpswich Inc. (Hacker Space Ipswich Inc.) Located Ipswich QLD Australia. This Gitlab contains public repositories of documents and information by HSIpsiwch. It also contains a number of Private repositories exclusively...

Kind Regards,

Robert Manietta | Cause Leader IT&T & Digital Fabrication

Mob: 0433 540 530  Email: <mailto:%20robert.manietta at hsipswich.org.au> robert.manietta at hsipswich.org.au<mailto:robert.manietta at hsipswich.org.au> Web: www.hsipswich.org<http://www.hsipswich.org/> Facebook: www.facebook.com/hsipswich<http://www.facebook.com/hsipswich>


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