[Linux-aus] Jacob Appelbaum

Noel Butler noel.butler at ausics.net
Tue Jun 21 15:33:28 AEST 2016

On 21/06/2016 14:32, ac wrote:
> So, Russel, you post a private email between you and Hugh to the list
> so we can all see that you were "thanked" for "flagging" this...
> No Hugh, this is within the scope of this list. It is about this
> community and how things are done.

Since Andre, you are a South African, living in South Africa, you 
perhaps don't understand where people in Australia are coming from and 
when hte President of such organisation indicates this is a STOP THREAD, 
that how it should be done - or, is it that you dont get much milage 
from beating your chest in private, only in public...

> Just for the record: I have not read any article or have any knowledge
> of Jacob Appelbaum

so, you have not read any article, have no knowledge of the person or 
persons involved but yet you vehemently come to his defense? I smell a 

> Nobody has been convicted of anything in any respected court of law.


> If you are in any position of "authority" - you should not only read
> the above single sentence again, but you should actually think about
> what that means exactly.


> Russel, why do you feel (emotion) about this Jacob Appelbaum situation?

Why do you, Andre, not even a citizen or resident of Australia feel the 
need to troll a Linux Australia list defending someone you claim to not 
know or not the circumstances of.

The fact that person voluntarily left at least one organisation because 
of said circumstances sums it up, those who are innocent usually stay 
and fight tooth and nail to clear their name, they dont "quit"...

If you have the urge to reply to all rather than reply to list, you best
first read  http://members.ausics.net/qwerty/

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