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Tue Jun 21 14:32:50 AEST 2016

So, Russel, you post a private email between you and Hugh to the list
so we can all see that you were "thanked" for "flagging" this...

No Hugh, this is within the scope of this list. It is about this
community and how things are done.

Just for the record: I have not read any article or have any knowledge
of Jacob Appelbaum

And, as I do not use any debian based distro and I am not an "itwire"
reader, I know nothing of any of this.

Here is what I do understand from the posts in this thread, here, in

Nobody has been convicted of anything in any respected court of law. 

If you are in any position of "authority" - you should not only read
the above single sentence again, but you should actually think about
what that means exactly.

Otherwise hold a disciplinary hearing or base any decisions upon the
outcome of any other such hearing(s) - You cannot simply have an
opinion about something and then execute an action.  

If you are part of an angry lynch mob maybe you need other help?

Russel, why do you feel (emotion) about this Jacob Appelbaum situation?
Are you personally involved? Do you know something in your own personal

Or are you just a wannabe prosecutor or witch burner? What is your
agenda? why are you "flagging" stuff if you do not know something

Sometimes people resign because their heart is broken or their trust is

Sometimes an entire community can betray a person so deeply
that they simply do not care.

Sometimes people lie. Yes, groups of people.

Consider this story:

There was this teacher at a primary school, 15 years after a kid
accused the teacher of abuse. Suddenly medical doctors, professional
and respected people joined in and there were 8 accusers...

There was a public outcry. Careers, lives and families were destroyed.

Media articles, interviews, reports. The neighbors always knew there
was something weird about that teacher...

The teachers home was burned to the ground.

Then came the criminal trial.

The teacher was not at that school in the year that the abusers claimed.

Another teacher, who has, at that time already died, was found to be
the actual abuser.

Where is the innocent teacher now? Who knows - probably dead in a
ditch, rotting in some hole. Does anyone really care? of course not.

People and society can be animals. Sometimes brutal vicious and cunning

On Tue, 21 Jun 2016 14:01:20 +1000
Russell Coker <russell at coker.com.au> wrote:

> On Mon, 20 Jun 2016 01:51:56 PM Hugh Blemings wrote:
> > On 20/06/2016 13:34, Russell Coker wrote:
> > > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacob_Appelbaum
> > > 
> >   > [...]
> > 
> > Thank you Russell for flagging this.
> > 
> > It is on our agenda for the regularly scheduled council meeting
> > tomorrow evening, I'll defer further commentary until after same.
> http://www.itwire.com/business-it-news/open-source/73415-security-expert-
> appelbaum-no-longer-part-of-debian.html
> Sam has written one article about this.  Presumably he will be
> writing another about the results of the council meeting.

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