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Joshua Hesketh josh at nitrotech.org
Tue Jun 7 15:07:17 AEST 2016

On 07/06/16 14:53, Noel Butler wrote:
> Lastly, the fact no one took ownership and worked day in day out to
> move it after being given notice reflects poorly upon that team, and
> the fact nobody did squat till it was too late, that entire team
> should be asked to resign, i'm actually serious, in fact if they had
> any ounce of decency, theyd offer up their resignations - In the real
> world out there, yes the $dayjobs, do you think your employers would
> give you that option if you did it to them? no, theyd have security
> escort you off premises so fast youd be wondering what just happened.

Hello Noel,

As I understand it the volunteers were indeed working very hard ahead of
the problem to resolve the issue. I think the news article misses some
parts of the official notice from the council (which can be found here:

The team had been working on and getting ready to move to a new hosting
facility. There was time available but due to the server mistakenly
being taken offline things became more urgent. See the following extract
from the council's email:

> ### How was this allowed to occur?
> Whilst Linux Australia had undertaken all possible means to ensure the
> equipment was identified as belonging to the organisation, ownership
> was mistakenly attributed to a Victorian linux users group, who also
> had equipment hosted in the room. The room was decommissioned at 9
> weeks ahead of the last shutdown date given, which meant that
> migration works had not yet been completed.


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