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Noel Butler noel.butler at ausics.net
Tue Jun 7 14:53:48 AEST 2016

On 06/06/2016 23:48, Russell Coker wrote:
> On Mon, 6 Jun 2016 11:24:07 PM Andrew Pam wrote:
>> On 06/06/16 20:51, Russell Coker wrote:
>> > http://www.itwire.com/opinion-and-analysis/the-linux-distillery/72843-lin
>> > ux- australia-hosting-woes-to-continue-under-current-mindset.html
>> >
>> > The above article will probably be of interest to some people here.
>> > Comments are open.
>> And sadly the comments are filled with self-centred outrage, claims 
>> that
>> Russell's requests for some sensitivity in the use of language are
>> "bullying" and complaints about "SJWs".  Oh no!  Russell is infringing
>> on people's free speech by politely disagreeing!  It's political
>> correctness gone mad!  I understand that people are upset about the
>> underlying issues, but this is a poorly written article and the
>> publication sorely needs a community manager to keep the comments on 
>> track.
> It's doubly ironic that the Anonymous Coward is complaining that I'm
> infringing his freedom of speech.  The first irony is that he believes 
> that his
> free speech requires that I have no free speech - free speech is not 
> freedom
> from people disagreeing, it's freedom for everyone to disagree!  The 
> second
> irony is that if IT Wire weren't so committed to this type of free 
> speech they
> would have cut him off long ago.
> But the comment thread is educational.  Even by Internet standards it's
> uncommon to see so much stupidity concentrated in one place.  I will 
> blog
> about this.
> Back to the content of the article, while there are some complaints 
> that could
> be made about it (apart from the one I made) I think there is one 
> noteworthy
> point.  The question is asked why doesn't Linux Australia pay for 
> hosting.  It
> would be good if the council could answer that.  I don't think that LA 
> should
> necessarily pay for hosting, but I think it would be good if the 
> members know
> what services are in use and why the decision was made to not use 
> Linode,
> Hetzner, EC2, and other options.
> As an aside the LUV server is now a VM on a Hetzner server.

Virtual services are more prone to outages then real hardware
SANs are notoriously unreliable - we've seen them blamed for many virt 
env outages.
real daemons running on real disks and not from a big file are far far 
far more efficient.
You know your hardware, so if it fails its your fault.
You know your hardware so you know what it is capable of

As for external hosting with the above named services, multiple ip 
ranges of them, especially hetzner and linode are dnsbl'd.

The right decision to buy and use our own hardware.
The wrong decision to keep expecting an org like this with healthy bank 
account to get free hosting.When you dont pay for it you are of course 
at the mercy of someone elses generosity. when you pay for it, you end 
up with SLA;s.

Lastly, the fact no one took ownership and worked day in day out to move 
it after being given notice reflects poorly upon that team, and the fact 
nobody did squat till it was too late, that entire team should be asked 
to resign, i'm actually serious, in fact if they had any ounce of 
decency, theyd offer up their resignations - In the real world out 
there, yes the $dayjobs, do you think your employers would give you that 
option if you did it to them? no, theyd have security escort you off 
premises so fast youd be wondering what just happened.

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