[Linux-aus] LA co-branding proposal

Craige McWhirter craige at mcwhirter.com.au
Fri Jan 15 12:12:41 AEDT 2016

On 08/01/16 23:47, Anthony Towns wrote:

> I thought it might be interesting to write up my idea for an alternative
> to rebranding LA as something more like an action plan, rather than just
> a concept [0].

Great ideas.

>  1) we form a new sub-committee focussing on "promotion of open source",
>     called either "opensource.org.au" (which LA has control of already,
>     AIUI), or, purely as an interim measure, "that bunch of rabid
>     fanatics"

I've been thinking very closely along the lines of what you've written
AJ but with a alight twist.

I would establish that sub committee to look at forming an umbrella
industry body, of which LA would be a founding member.

As things currently stand, ACS[1] is the go-to body for advice to
pollies and bureaucrats. They have a long standing history and are
funded to give lengthy, "expert" opinion. They are generally considered
*the* authoritative and representative voice of our industry.

Opposition to ACS is fragmented into many small groups, with (to
politicians ears and minds) strange, meaningless names.

* EFA - Electronic Frontiers Australia
* LA - Linux Australia
* OSIA - Open Source Industry Australia[2]
* DT - Digital Tasmania
* SAGE-AU - System Administrators Guild of Australia

These are great examples of groups with sound, complimentary and
overlapping perspectives on many issues. Say their names to any member
of the public or the political class and they draw blank looks.

Say "Australian Computer Society" and they'll understand that on some level.

So my proposal would be:

* To establish that new industry body to rival ACS.
* Choose a sensible, broad name.
* Invite meaningful membership from a broad range of disciplines and groups.
* Establish a clear charter similar to what Kathy has envisioned for LA.

That's what I think will be the most successful strategy to achieve a
lot of the desired objectives.

I think much of what Kathy and AJ have espoused is excellent and needed.
I don't see LA as the vehicle for it but it would certainly be a very
active participant.

[1] Australian Computer Society
[2] OSIA "Open Source Industry Australia - OSA "Open Source Australia" -
most politicians and many bureaucrats are not going to be able to tell
them apart. It's a recipe for confusion and obscurity as things
currently stand.

Craige McWhirter
M: +61 4685 91819
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