[Linux-aus] [LACTTE] Grant Application for Meetup Group Hardware

Jonathan Woithe jwoithe at just42.net
Fri Dec 2 15:37:38 AEDT 2016

On Fri, Dec 02, 2016 at 02:59:12PM +1100, Tim Ansell wrote:
> I would personally recommend that LA **not** fund this grant request at
> this moment. I would recommend funding such a grant request only after the
> Wordcamp people have reliably produced videos for their user groups for 6
> events in a row.
> This however would leave Wordcamp with a "chicken and egg" problem -- they
> can't get equipment until they have videos and they can't get videos until
> they have equipement. As this group is in Sydney, I have a proposal to
> solve this problem.
> I'm willing to *lend* the Wordcamp group the following equipment (on a
> permanent basis) to allow them to produce high quality recordings;
> :

Given the information we now have (thanks Wil) I think this proposal is a
very good idea.  It provides the wordcamp people with the equipment they
need to produce high quality video recordings and allows them to gauge
whether doing so works for them in the long run.  It also provides a way for
the group to gain experience in the AV recording game (there's *much* more
to it than meets the eye).  If it turns out that making these videos works
and appears sustainable over the longer term, a grant could then be applied
for.  Otherwise the idea can be dropped without any money being lost.  All
this comes as a result of the very generous offer from Tim.

I can see no obvious downsides to this proposal.

> As the setup is almost identical to that which will be used at LCA2017, I
> would highly recommend that someone from the Wordcamp group attend LCA2017
> and volunteer to be part of the A/V team to get a better understanding of
> how this equipment can be used and some hands on experience.

I second this recommendation.


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