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David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Mon Apr 25 20:41:25 AEST 2016


Hi Andre,

> At the end of it though, my tech is a game changer and even if people

> not use what I have - Spam is dead. And in a few years we will all be

> this system I now have as people will simply copy what I have done and

> this is how it will work... I am a few years ahead though and by the

> they start competing I will have ai and some other toys :)


Did you even read a word of what Noel said?


> more info so that maybe it makes more somewhat more sense:


> the systems are linked together, in clusters, so, for example your

> neuron/system would give you full control over your own mail server /

> mail servers - as your mail server would query your own system so, you

> can remove / add your own blocks and ultimately control what you

> receive or do not receive - your system is linked to a cluster (like a
cell) of

> other systems and the main cluster or main cell is linked to a group

> other cluster controllers or cell controllers


> So, you feed into your own system (by simply either forwarding a spam

> email (or users you allow forwarding a spam email to your cluster) and

> you can also manage your blocks from a mobile/smartphone/web and

> you receive unblock requests from your own system - you can override

> the cluster blocks as wel las the system blocks (which is basically

> equiv of a standard dnsbl)


> All of the above works automagically or manually - up to the user /

> server admin and obviously ALL the data is available on the system (as

> the entire blocklists system, cluster and your own - this give you
full and

> ultimate control over what your last mile looks like - all of our spam
is not

> the same -


So, yeah, SpamAssassin becomes distributed.

> and with regards to my identity, I think anyone that cares enough (has

> fu) can use whois, google etc and websites, etc for au needs to be

> - and if I am to work with an Aussie, the name/brands etc may/could

> change - and this whole thing is not so much about me as it is

> finding someone to pitch the au plan to and then to offer to help the
list -

> but you are of course right - i am wrong... you guys do not know me
and I

> have never been to any of your meetings and am only part of this

> community as a year or so ago I decided to exit my birth country and

> investigate moving to au and I guess if I were you I would not trust

> either, so thank you for pointing all that out to me, I actually do

> understand and appreciate it Adam :)


I am so sorry that you are under the circumstances that you are.


> best way forward for me is to try to find an Aussie to work with and

> my future is uncertain - I am not even that sure about anything at the

> moment (except that my tech really works well :) )


Spammer 101: vague details, lofty ideals, then an appeal to one's



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