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Mon Apr 25 20:17:34 AEST 2016

On Mon, 25 Apr 2016 19:05:09 +1000
Adam Nielsen <a.nielsen at shikadi.net> wrote:
> > And If you think I am a spammer for offering that the list
> > server use one of my new devices, at no cost, my intention was not
> > to spam or to do much other than solve a problem and to find a
> > partner.
> Try to see it from our point of view.  We get an e-mail from a
> mysterious person who has a magical device that will solve all our
> problems, but there is little information about how it works, and all
> we have to do is plug it into some critical e-mail infrastructure and
> all our problems will go away!  Plus Paul Vixie has something to do
> with it!  Surely we all trust him.
whahahaha, okay, I understand!

I did post some details, but obviously I suck at communications :)

Okay, here is the basics of what I made and how it works, please shout
if there is still much mud - maybe off list? 

As to the issue of credibility, I need an aussie partner, that can work
with me, people need to try, see and experience - simply telling
someone that you can exchange a cow for five beans that will eventually
get you a golden goose, is kinda hectic - without actually seeing 

Plus we are probably all spam punch drunk, I received my fist spam from
Compuserv in 1988 - telling me that I should convert my bbs users to
dialup :) and since then (up to now) things have not become a whole lot
better, like Noel said, there are a myriad of "services" promising
lotsa things... - and in 2016 - spam is still a problem 

Noel is an ultimate example - for me to win him over he will actually
have to be using the bloody thing while watching his logs - he may
even want to compile his own bind9 and then still also install non
required things like spamassasin hehehehe  :)

At the end of it though, my tech is a game changer and even if people
do not use what I have - Spam is dead. And in a few years we will all
be on this system I now have as people will simply copy what I have
done and this is how it will work... I am a few years ahead though and
by the time they start competing I will have ai and some other toys :)

more info so that maybe it makes more somewhat more sense:

the systems are linked together, in clusters, so, for example your
neuron/system would give you full control over your own mail server /
mail servers - as your mail server would query your own system
so, you can remove / add your own blocks and ultimately control what
you receive or do not receive - your system is linked to a cluster
(like a cell) of other systems and the main cluster or main cell is
linked to a group of other cluster controllers or cell controllers

So, you feed into your own system (by simply either forwarding a spam
email (or users you allow forwarding a spam email to your cluster) and
you can also manage your blocks from a mobile/smartphone/web and you
receive unblock requests from your own system - you can override the
cluster blocks as wel las the system blocks (which is basically the
equiv of a standard dnsbl) 

All of the above works automagically or manually - up to the user / mail
server admin and obviously ALL the data is available on the system (as
in the entire blocklists system, cluster and your own - this give you
full and ultimate control over what your last mile looks like - all of
our spam is not the same -  

Lets say I can convince the Australian Government to setup a cluster
for Australia

You do not have to join that cluster but if you do, you can add your
device into the cluster and whatever is blocked for the entire country
of Australia automagically becomes blocked for you - unless you of
course do not agree with specific blocks and then you simply remove
them from your device - their could even be multi cluster groups for
example - dynamic clusters, cybercrime clusters, phish, etc etc 

Similarly, Sorbs or Cisco / Google could offer same devices (maybe they
will simply do it in their own cloud / apps/ etc) this will allow you to still 
use whatever rbl - but also plug in your own control - not so sure if the multinationals
will give you all the data though... as this is what seems to be
"value" in the new economy. I believe in openness though ,so all data
is shared everywhere and it is users choices if they want to use data
or which / how much / what data they want to use and what not...

so, with the data being the gold I have to work the other way around
for my money/income model to work - maybe I should also work in reverse
and rather give out the systems and keep control over the data? - but
philosophically - i think that having your own data just by yourself is
better privacy - better control and more independence - for example you
have your data - there is no vendor lock in - vendor lock in is a
biggie - lets say you are paying google right now to 'filter your spam'
if you stop paying google you have no data and you have then to pay
someone else... - currently even open source advocates are using rbl's
but they have no data and they simply "trust" and they have no data and
no system...

so, people need to think about what I am saying and why it is important
to work the other way around (and still eat) - as they have a lot more
freedom and are mobile (no lock in) - or not - maybe an Aussie partner
will feel that we have to work the other way around *sigh* i know spam,
real well, email real well, technology real well - that is science - is
easy - the hard stuff is the philosophy / business stuff - what is the
best for the world? 

and with regards to my identity, I think anyone that cares enough
(has fu) can use whois, google etc and websites, etc for au needs 
to be made - and if I am to work with an Aussie, the name/brands etc may/could 
change - and this whole thing is not so much about me as it is
basically finding someone to pitch the au plan to and then to offer to 
help the list - but you are of course right - i am wrong... you guys do
not know me and I have never been to any of your meetings and am only
part of this community as a year or so ago I decided to exit my birth
country and investigate moving to au and I guess if I were you I would
not trust me either, so thank you for pointing all that out to me, I
actually do understand and appreciate it Adam :)

best way forward for me is to try to find an Aussie to work with and as
my future is uncertain - I am not even that sure about anything at the
moment (except that my tech really works well :) ) 


> If that's not suspicious enough, the offer comes from a person with no
> surname and no website, the explanation about the problems that will
> be solved involves a lot of hand waving and not much detail, and the
> person claims to have written over 100,000 lines of GPL code yet
> doesn't even post a few links to any code repositories so we can see
> it?
> It's not so much that you are spamming us, it's that your proposal
> sounds very suspicious.  Hopefully this is not your intention, but
> realistically you won't get taken seriously - here or anywhere else -
> unless you can back up some of your claims with proof, and clearly
> explain how your solution differs from all the others.
> Don't forget you are also posting to a list of people who live and
> breathe open source software, so if they can't see the software that's
> running on your device then they will have already lost interest.
> This list is also not moderated, so the tiny amount of spam we do get
> just goes to show how well the existing solutions work when they are
> set up properly :-)
> Cheers,
> Adam.
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