[Linux-aus] Spam :: Linux Device

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Mon Apr 25 19:05:09 AEST 2016

> And If you think I am a spammer for offering that the list
> server use one of my new devices, at no cost, my intention was not to
> spam or to do much other than solve a problem and to find a partner.

Try to see it from our point of view.  We get an e-mail from a
mysterious person who has a magical device that will solve all our
problems, but there is little information about how it works, and all
we have to do is plug it into some critical e-mail infrastructure and
all our problems will go away!  Plus Paul Vixie has something to do
with it!  Surely we all trust him.

If that's not suspicious enough, the offer comes from a person with no
surname and no website, the explanation about the problems that will be
solved involves a lot of hand waving and not much detail, and the
person claims to have written over 100,000 lines of GPL code yet
doesn't even post a few links to any code repositories so we can see it?

It's not so much that you are spamming us, it's that your proposal
sounds very suspicious.  Hopefully this is not your intention, but
realistically you won't get taken seriously - here or anywhere else -
unless you can back up some of your claims with proof, and clearly
explain how your solution differs from all the others.

Don't forget you are also posting to a list of people who live and
breathe open source software, so if they can't see the software that's
running on your device then they will have already lost interest.

This list is also not moderated, so the tiny amount of spam we do get
just goes to show how well the existing solutions work when they are
set up properly :-)


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