[Linux-aus] Acknowledgement of country

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Sun Nov 8 16:53:45 AEDT 2015


> Do not EVER assume because someone has a different opinion than
> yours that their opinion is less worthy or lacks empathy or
> understanding, next you'll be trying to call me a fucking racist...
fools like
> you making statements like that are part of the problem.

Did someone replace "mention of Nazis" with "the word fucking"? Whilst
this is an out and out assumption, from what I can tell you (as in Noel)
are actually a well-written, witty and eloquent writer...and I'm sure
you (and yes, I am saying you as in Noel) could possibly express
yourself without using the word "fucking".

Besides, it's far more fun to do that, than to say it on a public
mailing list.


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