[Linux-aus] 30TB backup

Phillip Smith lists at fukawi2.nl
Tue Jun 30 10:48:01 AEST 2015

On 29 June 2015 at 12:04, Russell Coker <russell at coker.com.au> wrote:
> The 2 servers with ZFS pools are connected by GigE, which really isn't
> suitable for backing up 15TB of data.  So I guess the best option would be
> some sort of removable table drive that can be connected to either server.
> Are there good eSATA tape drives?

You would probably want SAS connected tape. We use HP LTO drives in
external rack-mount cases. The SAS is hot-plugable.

Could you `zfs send` an initial snapshot to another ZFS array, then
move it offsite and just send incremental snapshots? Not sure what
your connectivity options are.

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