[Linux-aus] [LACTTE] DCJTech - Creating Jobs and Articles

Kathy Reid kathy at kathyreid.id.au
Sat Jun 13 14:19:29 AEST 2015

Thanks Josh and Council for bringing this to the community.

I support Council in this decision due to a number of reasons;

  * The grant does not state whether the content would be released on a
    Creative Commons or other open license. If LA is funding the
    creation of content, I would like to see it opened, like we do with
    our own site.
  * The assumption that $USD25 is sufficient for a 700 to 1000 word
    article violates Australian labour laws and places LA in a
    precarious legal position. If someone can write such an article in
    under two hours, great, but if it takes longer than this then we are
    paying less than minimum wage. The line between paid work and
    volunteer work in an open source community is always blurred, but in
    this case it is clear - the intent is to engage someone in paid
    work. The legal side here is murky, given that the site is
    registered in the US.
  * My take on this is that we are paying a site to create content,
    which that site is benefitting from. Why not spend this money paying
    LA members to create content for the LA site?

Strongly recommend this grant be respectfully declined.

With kind regards,
Kathy Reid

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