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David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Wed Jul 29 16:56:30 AEST 2015

Hi Andrew,

On 29/07/2015 2:21 PM, ac wrote:
> many other lists but in the spirit of openness, I have been
> banned from one linux user group list before as I cannot accept
> weird politics, clickyness and back room dictator like behavior
> for a lug... of course, i do have floss projects and yes, of course
> i have no issues with dictatorships (or bofh) if it is your project
Oh, we're a fairly egalitarian bunch - I was thrown off all the LinuxSA 
mailing lists and banned at least once, generally caused a huge stir 
amongst everyone and some still blame me for the splitting of the then 
only mailing list. Six years later and I'm making sure that things 
happen down here in South Australia - the different LUGs prefer 
different leadership styles and LinuxSA tends to prefer a single, 
non-committee type of leadership [1].

If you /really/ want to get a taste of all the LUGs together then you 
could consider going to a Linux Conf (linux.conf.au); I haven't been due 
to work reasons for a while but a lot of the people I know from the 
Adelaide open source community have been to the ones since I last left 
and say that they're really only getting better.


David Lloyd
"/Validly Odd <http://www.validlyodd.net/>/"

[1] Some call it a "benevolent dictator" - others might think I'm about 
to overtake the whole place and declare myself Emperor :)
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