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Hi everyone,

You might be interested in this and circulating it further. I have been
informed by the organiser that the discount listed also applies to members
of *any* other Australian Linux or HPC user group.

All the best, Lev

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Subject: Multicore World 2014 (New Zealand, Discount for LUV Members)
From:    "Lev Lafayette" <lev at levlafayette.com>
Date:    Wed, January 29, 2014 11:40 am
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Individual registrations with 15% discount for members of Linux Users of


Multicore is unstoppable: the economics are driving it. *All computers are
now parallel computers*, meaning they can do more than one thing at a
time. *This is a permanent change that affects every computer programmer
on the planet*.

This new architecture opens up a whole new world of opportunities for
industry and science.

*However, Parallel Software is rare.*

To promote parallel software and an ecosystem of developers and
organisations, Open Parallel organises Multicore World -a yearly global
conference in New Zealand and invites you to participate and partner in
this successful event.


Multicore World is a retreat for technical influencers, a decision-takers
conference where industry managers, technical directors and distinguished
scientists interact at *peer-peer* level with software community leaders,
recognised practitioners, entrepreneurs, engineers, academics and
developers, in a boutique style conference with global repercussion.

*Join the best crowd worldwide*, precisely when they reflect what to
invest on next: Multicore World tells them the new trends, software and
hardware wise. The world of multicore and parallel computing is aware of
Multicore World 2014 before and after its occurrence and as a consequence,
you will be part of a year long conversation with global presence.


*The implications of multicore computing impact many industries not
traditionally considered data or computing intensive*. Today with the
cloud-based infrastructures even small bootstrapped technology start-ups
have access to massive computing clusters. This changes both the computing
landscape but also what is possible. Multicore CPUs are now part of the
mobile phone landscape and developing Apps that are multicore aware is
central to mobile OS development. Developing software and hardware
solutions, even data centres in a multicore world is radically different
than legacy solutions designed to exist on single core systems. Multicore
World bridges the gap every year presenting you the technical and business
implications of multicore systems.

Open Parallel's goal is also gather the impressive expertise available in
New Zealand and Australia that needs to be celebrated and leveraged. We
ultimately work towards becoming a *global hub in entrepreneurship based
in multicore technologies*.


*Benefits on participating at Multicore World*

See concrete examples of what is being done today and how to apply it to
your users / customers -even before they are aware that will need it!

Find out what to do with your legacy code and hardware and achieve
inspiration to initiate or continue your and your customers' roadmap to
migrate to multicore technology

Know who to join forces with and where to find further assistance

Being in touch with CTO/CIO/CEOs looking to dramatically improve their
organisations' performances as well as Technical Directors and Team
Leaders in charge of defining software and hardware

Hear the latest from Architects and Engineers responsible of recommending
migrations and Software developers at senior level and community members

Discuss ICT strategy and technology design / innovation with other leaders
who want to learn how to do with Multicore what was not possible before

Actively educate your own staff or colleagues on the implications of
multicore computing and infrastructure solutions made possible as a

Inform product and application designers that want to unveil new features
on their lines about your organisation and your solutions

Position your organisation as an employer of choice at the forefront of
new technologies in order to recruit new talent, or find who can take


*Why Multicore World 2014 is important for...?*


Tim Cornwell - Computing procurement for SKA

Gernot Heiser – Cost-competitive, dependable software

Wolfgang Schroder-Preikschat: Embedded systems – control systems

Brent Carlson - New Platform for signal processing

*Engineers / Scientists*

John Gustafson - Numerical Analysis (new technique, to be launched at MW14)

Andreas Wicenec – Scalability I/O in HPC clusters

Kent Winchell – Scale HPC applications / Numerical Weather Prediction

Nicola Gaston – Scale in computational nanoscience


Cristina Cifuentes – Security / vulnerabilities / scalable bug checker

David Brebner – application engine on heterogenous system architecture

Mark Moir – hardware and software lock elision techniques

*Open Source*

Manuel Chakravarty – Embedded languages / Haskell / Accelerate

Ricardo Rocha – Scalable storage / CEPH

Pavlo Baron – JVM / analytics / data at millions of events per second

*Government / Industry*

Shaun Hendy – Multicore New Zealand and the innovation ecosystem

John Bancroft – Big data / e-infrastructure / economic impact opportunity

John Humphreys - SKA a catalyst for non-astronomy opportunities for industry


Lev Lafayette, BA (Hons), GradCertTerAdEd (Murdoch), GradCertPM, MBA (Tech
Mngmnt) (Chifley)
mobile:  0432 255 208
RFC 1855 Netiquette Guidelines

Lev Lafayette, BA (Hons), GradCertTerAdEd (Murdoch), GradCertPM, MBA (Tech
Mngmnt) (Chifley)
mobile:  0432 255 208
RFC 1855 Netiquette Guidelines

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