[Linux-aus] Can the PyCon messages be limited to the Python lists?

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Tue Aug 19 10:31:07 EST 2014

Hi Tom,

> With your permission, I'd like to keep posting major announcements to
> the Linux Australia list, but I'll exercise more discretion about
> items that really aren't relevant unless you're definitely already
> coming.
> For example, I might announce an event, but will be careful about
> spamming the list with updates *about* that event. I hope that's a
> middle ground that means information can still get conveyed without
> driving people nuts with spam.

That's not a problem at all, many thanks for your consideration!

I have no problems with announcements and the occasional reminders as
registrations are about to close, because you're right, there is
definitely a lot of overlap.  So I appreciate the offer of just
limiting the linux-aus posts to those that are most relevant :-)

Many thanks!


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