[Linux-aus] Follow up to my funding grant

Jackson Doak noskcaj at ubuntu.com
Wed Apr 30 14:06:56 EST 2014

Unfortunately, my ubuntu developer pc i recieved a grant for has had
continuos problems, and is still not ready. I'm expecting about a month
until 1 (maybe 2 or 3) of the PCs the case contains will be up and running.
This is due first to a courier issue causing the parts to not be recieved
until the start of february. I then discovered that the used cpu i had
bought was broken, and had to replace it.

When the new cpu arrived, it turned out the motherboard (one of the
sponsored parts) was also broken. I have had this tested and will be buying
a new one soon. Due to the number of issues, i won't paint the motherboard
as i had previously said.

I apologise for this having not in any way improved the linux community so
far, hopefully it will with the new motherboard.

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