[Linux-aus] Grant Request: Travel grants for PyCon US (Montréal, April 2014)

Anthony Towns aj at erisian.com.au
Tue Oct 8 11:09:19 EST 2013

On 7 October 2013 08:23, Chris Neugebauer <chrisjrn at gmail.com> wrote:

> I request that Linux Australia, on behalf of the PyCon Australia 2013
> team, make a sponsorship contribution to PyCon US, equivalent to a
> PyCon US Startup/Small Business Gold Sponsorship ($3,500 USD) [1].
> [1] https://us.pycon.org/2014/sponsors/prospectus/

The amounts currently listed on that page currently are:

PyCon Patron (For individuals and start-up businesses) - $1500
Silver Level Sponsorship - $4000
Gold Level Sponsorship - $7000

> I also note that PyCon Australia 2013 made a return far exceeding the
> amount requested in this grant.

Looking back at the financials thread from January, PyCon 2011 made ~$19k
surplus for Linux Australia overall, and PyCon 2012 made ~$6k surplus. I
don't think I've seen any reports oh how PyCon 2013 might have done.
Presuming the PyCon 2014 organisers agree that this is a benefit for
forthcoming PyCon .au events, I think it could make sense to fund this
directly from the PyCon budget along similar lines to the way the 'ghosts'
events for linux.conf.au work.

> There are many Australian and New Zealander Python community members
> who would benefit from attending PyCon US; ...

> Making such a contribution would allow us to confidently market the
> financial aid program to deserving members of the local Python
> community, in the knowledge that there's a good chance that the aid
> program can afford it.

It seems like a return flight from Sydney to Montreal would be about $2700
atm going by Qantas's website prices. Perth is a bit more expensive,
Auckland via airnz a bit cheaper.

So it seems like $3500 would get at most one-and-a-bit antipodeans to PyCon
US 2014 -- is that really a sensible amount? Funding, say, three
speakers/core contributors from .au/.nz to PyCon US might be a better idea
even though that might add up to $8000? I guess I wonder if an arrangement
other than 'conference sponsorship' per se makes more sense -- where PSF
helps US folks get to PyCon AU, LA helps .au/.nz folks get to PyCon US, and
PyCon AU and PyCon US cross-advertise. Maybe sponsorship is the easiest way
to handle that though even given the currency conversion fees and whatnot.

It looks like the PSF has supported PyCon AU in the past in the same manner
that Chris is requesting now:

> RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation sponsor PyCon Australia
2013 conference with an amount of $3,500 USD.
> Approved 8-0-0 by IRC vote, 19 December, 2012.

> RESOLVED, that the PSF provide grant funding of AUD$1500 to the PyCon
Australia 2012 Conference as a silver level sponsor.
> Approved 8-0-0 by IRC vote, 16 January 2012

> RESOLVED, that the PSF provide a US$1,500 sponsorship funding to the
PyCon AU 2011 conference to be held in Sydney, Australia.
> Approved 9-0-1 by IRC vote, 28 February 2011.

> RESOLVED, that the PSF grant AU$2,500 to PyCon Au 2010.
> Approved 4-1-0 by IRC vote, 8 March 2010.

-- http://www.python.org/psf/records/board/resolutions/

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