[Linux-aus] Grant Request: Travel grants for PyCon US (Montréal, April 2014)

Chris Neugebauer chrisjrn at gmail.com
Tue Oct 8 11:24:11 EST 2013

On 8 October 2013 11:09, Anthony Towns <aj at erisian.com.au> wrote:
> The amounts currently listed on that page currently are:
> PyCon Patron (For individuals and start-up businesses) - $1500
> Silver Level Sponsorship - $4000
> Gold Level Sponsorship - $7000

Note also:

Small entity discount: Small entities (organizations with fewer than
25 employees) receive a 50% discount for gold and silver sponsorships
and for all vendor/exhibitor levels.

I have confirmed with the PyCon US director of sponsorship that we are
eligible for recognition as a Gold sponsor per the small entity

> It seems like a return flight from Sydney to Montreal would be about $2700
> atm going by Qantas's website prices. Perth is a bit more expensive,
> Auckland via airnz a bit cheaper.
> So it seems like $3500 would get at most one-and-a-bit antipodeans to PyCon
> US 2014 -- is that really a sensible amount? Funding, say, three
> speakers/core contributors from .au/.nz to PyCon US might be a better idea
> even though that might add up to $8000? I guess I wonder if an arrangement
My expectation is that our grant would not be used to fund full
placements to the conference. Another way to view it is as follows:

Through the existing financial assistance scheme, PyCon US has sent
myself, and other Australian delegates to the 2013 conference in the
SF Bay area; the airfares to there are close to $1500

The best fares from SYD/MEL to Montréal are ~$2300 (various carriers,
see matrix.itasoftware.com).

So the $3500USD -- closer to $4000AUS these days could be seen as
making the trips of 5 Australian/New Zealanders viable to the same
levels as for the 2012/2013 conference.

So, my intention for the amount requested is to keep the level of
burden for PyCon US to send an Australian/New Zealander delegate to
the conference at similar levels to the 2013 level.

> other than 'conference sponsorship' per se makes more sense -- where PSF
> helps US folks get to PyCon AU, LA helps .au/.nz folks get to PyCon US, and
> PyCon AU and PyCon US cross-advertise. Maybe sponsorship is the easiest way
> to handle that though even given the currency conversion fees and whatnot.

I also advocate the path of sponsorship because it allows LA's money
to support the existing assistance program run by PyCon US, rather
than duplicating effort in assessing candidates on LA's end.

The publicity of displaying materials at PyCon US, having exhibition
space, etc, is very much a pleasant side effect.

> It looks like the PSF has supported PyCon AU in the past in the same manner
> that Chris is requesting now:
>> RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation sponsor PyCon Australia 2013
>> conference with an amount of $3,500 USD.
>> Approved 8-0-0 by IRC vote, 19 December, 2012.
>> RESOLVED, that the PSF provide grant funding of AUD$1500 to the PyCon
>> Australia 2012 Conference as a silver level sponsor.
>> Approved 8-0-0 by IRC vote, 16 January 2012
>> RESOLVED, that the PSF provide a US$1,500 sponsorship funding to the PyCon
>> AU 2011 conference to be held in Sydney, Australia.
>> Approved 9-0-1 by IRC vote, 28 February 2011.
>> RESOLVED, that the PSF grant AU$2,500 to PyCon Au 2010.
>> Approved 4-1-0 by IRC vote, 8 March 2010.

Yes, these resolutions were for direct PSF sponsorship of PyCon
Australia. The amount provided by the PSF was not earmarked in any
particular way, but the surplus on top of our standard sponsorship
rate (about $2000USD more than expected) was used to help fund PyCon
AU's financial assistance scheme.


--Christopher Neugebauer

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