[Linux-aus] Request for creation of "Video Recording and Streaming" subcommittee

David Lyon david.lyon at hackerpads.com
Tue Mar 26 19:20:01 EST 2013

On 25.03.2013 17:24, Silvia Pfeiffer wrote:
> For example, video recording hardware gets reinvented roughly every
> two years, so buying something now in the hope that future LCAs can
> make use of it is likely not going to work.

The Raspberry-Pi has been an interesting bit-of-kit.

The issue of the camera's is one thing. Hi-Res digital camera's are
going to be for some time expensive.

But the Raspberry-Pi's are able to do lot's of serious work on a small
scale if called to. It's not that they are anything much different than
the notebooks that were used at LCA2013 but the form factor of them
means that they are able to stream video direct (I know - I have been
testing them doing that).

> The situation for software is even worse: I expect that within 1-2
> years we will see a lot of video software run from browsers (video
> element, WebRTC), because they have better cross-platform support 
> than
> anything else out there. Yet, right now, it's a little too early to
> run with it.


Just on another topic mentioned elsewhere and my own experience of
LCA2013 (as a volounteer), the recording of the sessions and the amount
of effort that went into that were admirable.

My only comment is that it would be nice to have lower res video's
and copies of the presenters slides. Even if not syncronised, just
available as .pdf's for downloads on the same page as the video.

It's not that anything was wrong with what was done, just rather for
next time it would be nice to clean it up a bit more and make it

The User-Rating system idea for talks is worth bringing back. 
that means, a nice web page comprising:

  - smaller lower quality video's available quicker

  - powerpoints/pdf's as used by the presenter

  - voting/feedback system for each talk.



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