[Linux-aus] Request for creation of "Video Recording and Streaming" subcommittee

James Bromberger james at rcpt.to
Sat Mar 23 00:09:59 EST 2013

On 20/03/2013 11:17 AM, euan at dekock.net wrote:
> Hi Tim,
> I agree that a Video subcommittee would provide a valuable resource
> for future LCA (and other LA sponsored) conferences.
> However the subcommittee will need to be cognisant of the ongoing
> efforts of existing LUGs, and should be able to act as a mentoring
> group to these teams rather than an absolute solution provider.
> I'd also like to suggest either myself and/or Jason Nichols be
> considered as committee members rather than James. Our involvement in
> LCA 2013, and our roles on the current LCA 2014 organising committee
> will prove invaluable to any video subcommittee. James' current
> involvement in the PLUG av project is largely hands off now due to
> other commitments, and I assume this would also apply in this case -
> James feel free to correct me here...


(sorry for delay, this thread was swept into a different folder while I
was away having fun in Adelaide!)

I am around and would relish the ability to assist here, although I
agree with adding Euan and Jason here - exactly the comments I made
off-list with Tim earlier this week!

I have been more hands-off with PLUGs video since I started my current
role, mostly because of travel and commitments meaning my Copious Free
Time has disappeared (and I see very capable people here that I know can
get stuff done).

I feel a Video strategy/management committee like this should be
delegated to coordinate efforts nationally, to organise equipment,
standards, and train a volunteer team that are skilled up in the
production for national conferences and regional meetings alike (and can
also train fresh eyes over time).

I feel that the video record we have of our presentations and
conferences are priceless. They are the lasting history that continues
to survive long after the haze of being at the conference has vanished,

  * They serve as a platform that the speakers at our conferences can
    use as evidence and reputation as they build their careers.
  * They act as a catalogue of successes of our community in building
    these conferences that further extols the value of attending.
  * For our sponsors who support this community it is a lasting return
    on every view of the video after the event (given we pre-post roll
    their emblems on each recording).
  * And for many who attended conferences (and of course, those unable
    to attend), the only way to appreciate the streams they missed.

This last point has been a cause of some contention when coupled with
streaming video, but I think that having the ability to live stream is
valuable. We're a big country, and here in the West, we're rather spread
out with just one LUG - streaming (and IRC) has been the way we've had
real time interaction from the community with speakers, and avoiding
some of the 4 hour round trips that we've had some dedicated people do
just to come and hang out - on a monthly basis. We have the technology..
literally... *we* (all of us) *have* (possess) the technology. Its *open

I am keen to see video happen - both locally, at LA core events, and
other LUGs in the region. I am keen to be involved in helping coordinate
and set strategy and policy to ensure we get results from efforts that
LA is involved in. I do think LA (membership and council) needs to
appreciate the value of recording our community's (significant) events.
We started with audio recording in 2003, and the effort has only given
better results since then.

In summary: LA council, please support creation of a video sub
committee, a ML for this purpose, and a remit that we should have the
equipment, volunteers (and considered funding if required) to make this
effort work over time and distance.

On the note about peering with AARNet; yes, AARNet peers with Amazon Web
Services in Sydney... and in Oregon in the US too.

(No, LCA does not need 3D 48fps video)

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