[Linux-aus] NBN discussion

Peter Lawler linux-aus at bleeter.id.au
Tue Jul 2 18:57:56 EST 2013

On 02/07/13 16:29, Russell Stuart wrote:
> On Tue, 2013-07-02 at 16:00 +1000, Peter Lawler wrote:
>> As I'm an alleged retired-retired-retired Pidgin hacker
> Ahahh!  So you are one of the slack arsed bastards who never got around
> to implementing Skype in libpurple.  :D
And while I think about it (thanks Mithro!)...

There's been some chitter-chatter about WebRTC type stuff in Pidgin. I 
seem to recall last time this got a go at the very occasional table, it 
was decided to put it on 'hold' whilst the 3.x release of pidgin, which 
will have WebKIT goodness*, gets hopefully closer to release (this I 
guess, in theory, will make maintaining it easier than the current 
nightmare of trying to do this sort of stuff with existing code on both 
Windows and *nix) As I say, it's been a little while since the team 
discussed this and I can't precisely recall where we're at.

Another thing I'd like to mention at this point is that someone, can't 
remember who, reported the other week that they managed to get Pidgin 
Voice Video happening on Windows. Sure, this is 'just' XMPP stuff, but 
it's fairly 'exciting'. I can't recall if they used the development 
branch of Pidgin or the current release, though.


*Yes yes we know, WebKIT is being dropped by seemingly everyone thankyou 
smarty-pants and while I'm going to write a long sentence with no 
punctuation can the web development community please keep their 
lifecycles to longer than 2 nanoseconds it does help other people out 
there plan long term araghaghargh ;)

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