[Linux-aus] NBN discussion

Michael Davies michael at the-davies.net
Tue Jul 2 10:14:39 EST 2013

On Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 11:49 PM, Russell Coker <russell at coker.com.au> wrote:
> Internode rates start at $5 per month.  If you were to use your mobile phone
> as a VOIP device then you would probably use the GSM service for making calls
> so for only receiving calls that would be a fixed $5 per month.  Internode has
> a free VOIP offering for broadband/NBN customers, but $5 per month will be the
> fee if you use another provider.  Also the Internode web site doesn't allow
> you to order NodePhone without buying hardware from them ($100+).

Incorrect!  You just need to select the right options in the online signup tool.

(Disclaimer: I work at Internode)
Michael Davies   michael at the-davies.net

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