[Linux-aus] mirror.linux.org.au now out of sync by a year

Tim Connors tconnors at rather.puzzling.org
Tue Feb 5 17:40:19 EST 2013

On Tue, 5 Feb 2013, Steven Hanley wrote:

> We have been intending to stop working on mirrroing things LA is not the
> authoartive source for, AARNet have a functional mirror now days. When we
> first set up m.l.o.a in 2005 the AARNet mirror was not well maintained.

Indeed.  That's why I suspect we started using it :)

> As for the m.l.o.a admin, they are contactable at mirroring at lists.linux.org.au,
> however all threew of us have been on the linux.conf.au organsiing team
> (though I have not been as heavily involved and should have spent more time
> on m.l.o.a over the past year)

All good, as long as someone knows.


Tim Connors

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