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Sarah Stokely sarah at foxforcefive.com
Tue May 1 20:52:13 EST 2012

I like Tech Liberty Australia (and then we could be a TLA!) :)

(I think someone my have suggested Technology Liberty or something like
that earlier in the discussion).

My reservations about libre remain. Keep it simple, keep it in English!
Liberty you don't *have* to explain.

Tech Liberty NZ already exists and is kicking goals. I hope they might be
amenable to some kind of partnership/federation/whatever groups do when
they join forces. Some of the TLNZ folks may be floating around on this
list? :)

I think Freedom Australia or Libre Australia is getting to the silly end of
the spectrum. It's just too broad, open to misinterpretation, and sadly
lacking in tech. LA/this group is not about free love, civil libertarianism
or the right to bear arms. It's about *tech* liberty. IMHO. Well, IMNSHO. :)

Also, maddog - thank you for your post about the history of open source v


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