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John Knight anarchisttomato at yahoo.com.au
Tue May 1 22:32:38 EST 2012

Been watching from afar for several years, but now I have to speak up...

Libre Australia sounds like a tampon advertising campaign... and I'm probably not the only person who'll say it. Freedom NameOfYourCountry sounds like something George Bush Jr. came up with. Plus, people will have no idea what your organisation is about. 

Linux Australia was a good name, but if you want to move beyond the narrow spectrum the name creates, I'd go with something like Free Software Australia, Open Source Australia, etc. KISS -  Keep It Simple, Stupid.

My $0.02.

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On 01/05/12 17:43, Jonathan Woithe wrote:
> Tom Eastman<tom at eastman.net.nz>  wrote:
>> I like "Libre Australia".
>> I like it because you're better off explaining what your name means
>> ("Libre means freedom") ...
> So at the risk of fanning the flames, how about "Freedom Australia"?  Ok, so
> the "LA" acronym no longer works, but is that such a big issue?  Then you
> shouldn't need to explain anything.  On the other hand, using "Libre"
> prompts a conversation which may be something that we actually want to do.
>> It's only a shame it doesn't include 'NZ' anywhere in there, but I can
>> live with that.
> So, "Freedom ANZ", or (if the clash with a certain financial institution
> needs to be avoided) "Freedom NZA"?  Both roll off the tongue fairly well,
> although the long form is a bit of a mouthful.

Why not 'Libre Australasia' or 'Freedom Australasia'? Encompasses 
everything and everyone.

Personally I'd prefer 'Libre Technologies Australasia' or 'Freedom 
Technologies Australia' as then you won't get the mistaken branding with 
Libra. But it may not be inclusive of things like Creative Commons. 
Dunno ...


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