[Linux-aus] LUG IRC Meeting Tonight 9PM EDST (NSW, VIC), 8:30PM SA, 6PM WA, 8PM QLD - 1 hour Later than previously

Don Knowles donakk at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 02:50:45 EST 2012

Hi Folks,

My apologies for late notice, I was supposed to send this email a week ago.

We had some lively discussions in the #linux-aus-lugs channel last month,
and hopefully will have the same tonight

I've included a rough cut of the log, hope to see everyone again, and new
people too!

In short, we discussed and agreed to move the meet one hour later to make
it a bit more "do-able" for our Perth colleagues,
I was supposed to annoy the web admin team for a permanent entry on the LA
and Clinton told us about his aim to present a week of open source projects
to young'uns.

This month: What distribution do you give people?
CQLUG have had an ongoing discussion, for the time being we're sticking
with Ubuntu ... Is there a better one for new users?

The Log (edited):
<donak> what sort of calendar did you have in mind croy ?
<donak> something on the LA website?
<[JEB]> last tues is good for me; slightly later by 2 hours would be better
<croy> donak: exactly that one. I'm already subscribed
<[JEB]> i echo these events to plug's google calendar, set to private so
only our admins see it (committee) with remiinders set for 6 hours out, 1
hour out, etc....
<donak> OK, I'll look into annoying the webteam :-)
<donak> [JEB], would 1 hour later help? I don't want to have to wake up the
NSW'ers and Victorians
<[JEB]> donak: Yes, 1 hour would be a bit easier - but there's only a few
of us - and more people on EST so perhaps not worth the change - unless 1
hour later works for EST based people too.
<adhoc> 830pm Adelaide time would be better actually ;)
<PaulWay> 9PM wouldn't be a big problem.
<donak> uhoh ... that would be in the middle of Dr. Who ... *sigh*
<croy> donak: iview :)
<donak> here in the Sunshine State
<jamezpolley> 9pm sydney time is doable for me
<donak> croy, I haven't used it yet ... been on a restricted internet diet
for too long
<jamezpolley> Well after dinner, instead of in the middle
<croy> donak: sorry, too used to internode fibre goodness here in teh big
smoke ;(
<donak> I'm waiting with 'bated breath for the NBN to hit town :-)
<croy> have we already talked about the central calendar thing? i.e. all
the lugs putting their happenings on one calendar?
<jamezpolley> Croy: la's Drupal should be able to handle that
<donak> I've undertaken to follow up with LA web team on the calendar for
<adhoc> croy: that would be good =)
<jamezpolley> Either by aggregating iCal feeds, or people entering events
* adhoc would be happy to put events in directly, cause ical feeds requires
infrastructure to host it on
<croy> lets not get technical. do people think it's a good idea?
<adhoc> +1
<donak> yup
<jamezpolley> I don't think I'd put the feed in my calendar, but I like the
<adhoc> so, i have lasso'd a couple of user groups together in Adelaide
<adhoc> had a good turn out at the last meeting
<adhoc> but folks have asked for a mail list
<adhoc> is it possible to get get a mail list hosted with LA?
<croy> the council with a description of the groups, once we're happy their
flossy enough we'd bounce it to admin, i guess
<croy> based on their model i'm going to try to run one in brisbane next
school holidays
<croy> run at the edge (state library of qld) over a week
<croy> maybe twenty high school kids
<croy> and a range of open source based activities
<croy> hope to get a grant from LA and paper the tutors
<croy> hope to get a fair bit of involvement from humbug, the uni cs group,
girl geek coffees and the two hackerspaces
<croy> want to do as much open source stuff that they can take physical
stuff away with e.g. 3d printering, arduino, and i dunno what else
<croy> s/paper/pay/
<croy> adhoc: the edge's audience is 15 to 25, so the younger edge of that
<jamezpolley> croy: My family in QLD have been complaining about blue
cards, would they be needed for people helping out with this?
<croy> jamezpolley: they would be, but the edge will sort that
<jamezpolley> Also, what's "the edge"?
<croy> sorry :)
<adhoc> croy: so you are aiming for a barcamp come biuld'a'thon?
<croy> the edge is part of the qld state library
<croy> it's a digital cultural centre.
<croy> they run a number of open source workshops as part of their own
<croy> they've even asked me about streaming it to other parts of qld
<croy> bit of a brain dump. first public discussion of the idea.
<croy> haven't even got the grant request done yet

Don Knowles, Rockhampton, Australia
a Founding Member of Central Queensland Linux User Group
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