[Linux-aus] looking for mobile phone & tablet donations

Flame Herbohn flame at appmo.de
Tue Mar 27 21:49:55 EST 2012

Hi all,

I'm looking for some recent (less than 2yrs old) mobile phones and tablets
for testing Mobile Apps for the appMode project. I am putting together a
grant application but I wanted to check first to see if people might have
some laying around.

I'm on the other side of the world in Latvia working on the project at the
moment so I would also need to have them posted to me here.

I specifically need devices that meet the following requirements:
1) Running Android, iOS, Blackberry, webOS or Symbian.
2) Camera (for scanning QR codes to install apps)
3) WiFi (to install apps from the internet)

I would prefer devices that can be charged/powered by USB but that is not

The appMode project ( http://code.google.com/p/appmode/ ) is an open-source
modular runtime for hybrid (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3) applications and is
based on my previous work on the Aphplix project (which you may have seen
demonstrated at LCA or OSDC). There is an early alpha preview of the
development studio online at http://appmo.de . A Google account is required
to log in, and at the moment a few things are not working, just minor
things, things like android packages it produces not being installable...
but I'm working all that out.

appMode has been selected as a sponsored project for Linux Tag in Berlin
this year and I hope to have a fully usable beta version ready by then.


Flame Herbohn

Project Lead, appMode

CEO, Appmo Ltd
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