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Steve Dalton steve at refactor.com.au
Wed Mar 7 00:15:29 EST 2012

Hi All

In light of the previous grant application being rejected, we have revised
our application and are resubmitting.

Many Thanks
Steve Dalton

Date: 1/3/12

Project Name: Gold Coast Tech Space Computer Lab

Aim of Project: Promote Linux in the community on the Gold Coast by giving
hands on instruction on the use of Linux and Open Source programmes.

Person Responsible for Request: Steve Dalton

We recently formed the Gold Coast TechSpace (Nov 2011) - a collaborative
space based on the Hackerspace Model. The project is going quite well, we
have a large unit in Southport, have incorporated as a Association and have
an active committee. We also have a small but growing membership base.

Our setup is slightly different to other hackerspaces; only half our time,
effort and space is dedicated to typical hackerspace projects -
Electronics, 3D printing etc. while the other half is focused on more
computer lab scenarios such teaching and learning Open Source software to
accomplish everyday tasks such as 3D modeling and animating using Open
Source software, testing and demonstrating Open Source programmes for
enterprise and business use (and so on [word that up better]).  We host the
Meetup group ‘Open Source Gold Coast’ (which formally the Gold Coast Linux
Users Group but re-branded to help promote all Open Source Technologies not
just Linux) at the GC Techspace building as well as regular Bar Camps.  We
advertise our meetings on Meetup.com, and welcome the public to attend all
our events, except the committee meetings.

Some of the recent meetings we have held that are Linux specific have been:
Installing Ubuntu on a laptop to use as a digital oscilloscope.
Zoneminder on an OLPC using the internal webcam for security monitoring.
Teaching event - Linux based CAD and 3D modelling using Ubuntu, FreeCAD and
Slic3r, Printrun and other 3D printing software for RepRap running on Linux
Reprap and maker bot construction days.

Amount asked for: $2000
What the money is needed for:  Our computer lab only has one computer.  We
need to buy as many decently equipped computers as we can to fill our
teaching and learning laboratory as our lack of computers is hampering our
ability to tech, learn and spread the use of Open Source technologies
amongst our members the wider community.  We currently only have two power
points in the teaching and learning laboratory which results in us having
to run extension cords and power boards across the floor creating safety
hazards. We are also in need of a data data projector and document camera
for presentations.

A lot of people in Australia think of the Gold Coast as all about Tourism
and property development, and this is partially true, our economy is very
narrow at the moment.  However, there is also a thriving technology
community just desperate to break out and we want to make sure that the
Gold Coast TechSpace will be the hub for this.  The Gold Coast City Council
is planning a large Cultural Precinct for 2015 with final completion in
2018 when the Commonwealth Games arrives.  Part of this precinct is a
6000m2 cultural centre and I have a (loose) commitment from the Council
that the Gold Coast Tech Space will get a decent amount of space in this
precinct. Until then, we need to prove the concept and get it nicely

At present, we have a chicken-and-egg problem, without adequate facilities,
we won’t get more paying members and without more paying members, we cannot
buy the equipment we need to attract members and demonstrate what can be ac
hived in a collaborative Open Source world. This is why we are requesting
Linux Australia for some financial assistance to kickstart our teaching and
learning laboratory so that we can promote Linux and Open Source software
in the Gold Coast community.

If you have any further questions - feel free to email me back. I can also
be contacted on the mobile on 0414 464564

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tel: +61 (0)7 5668 3424
mob: +61 (0)414 464564
web: refactor.com.au
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