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Hi All

Please ignore that previous email, I accidentally send a draft copy that
had not been completed yet (as can be seen by some of the comments in the
text). I'll try and send a final copy through later today.

(slightly embarrassed) Steve
On Mar 6, 2012 11:15 PM, "Steve Dalton" <steve at refactor.com.au> wrote:

> Hi All
> In light of the previous grant application being rejected, we have revised
> our application and are resubmitting.
> Many Thanks
> Steve Dalton
> Date: 1/3/12
> Project Name: Gold Coast Tech Space Computer Lab
> Aim of Project: Promote Linux in the community on the Gold Coast by giving
> hands on instruction on the use of Linux and Open Source programmes.
> Person Responsible for Request: Steve Dalton
> Introduction
> We recently formed the Gold Coast TechSpace (Nov 2011) - a collaborative
> space based on the Hackerspace Model. The project is going quite well, we
> have a large unit in Southport, have incorporated as a Association and have
> an active committee. We also have a small but growing membership base.
> Our setup is slightly different to other hackerspaces; only half our time,
> effort and space is dedicated to typical hackerspace projects -
> Electronics, 3D printing etc. while the other half is focused on more
> computer lab scenarios such teaching and learning Open Source software to
> accomplish everyday tasks such as 3D modeling and animating using Open
> Source software, testing and demonstrating Open Source programmes for
> enterprise and business use (and so on [word that up better]).  We host the
> Meetup group ‘Open Source Gold Coast’ (which formally the Gold Coast Linux
> Users Group but re-branded to help promote all Open Source Technologies not
> just Linux) at the GC Techspace building as well as regular Bar Camps.  We
> advertise our meetings on Meetup.com, and welcome the public to attend all
> our events, except the committee meetings.
> Some of the recent meetings we have held that are Linux specific have been:
> Installing Ubuntu on a laptop to use as a digital oscilloscope.
> Zoneminder on an OLPC using the internal webcam for security monitoring.
> Teaching event - Linux based CAD and 3D modelling using Ubuntu, FreeCAD
> and Blender
> Slic3r, Printrun and other 3D printing software for RepRap running on
> Linux
> Reprap and maker bot construction days.
> Request
> Amount asked for: $2000
> What the money is needed for:  Our computer lab only has one computer.  We
> need to buy as many decently equipped computers as we can to fill our
> teaching and learning laboratory as our lack of computers is hampering our
> ability to tech, learn and spread the use of Open Source technologies
> amongst our members the wider community.  We currently only have two power
> points in the teaching and learning laboratory which results in us having
> to run extension cords and power boards across the floor creating safety
> hazards. We are also in need of a data data projector and document camera
> for presentations.
> Conclusion
> A lot of people in Australia think of the Gold Coast as all about Tourism
> and property development, and this is partially true, our economy is very
> narrow at the moment.  However, there is also a thriving technology
> community just desperate to break out and we want to make sure that the
> Gold Coast TechSpace will be the hub for this.  The Gold Coast City Council
> is planning a large Cultural Precinct for 2015 with final completion in
> 2018 when the Commonwealth Games arrives.  Part of this precinct is a
> 6000m2 cultural centre and I have a (loose) commitment from the Council
> that the Gold Coast Tech Space will get a decent amount of space in this
> precinct. Until then, we need to prove the concept and get it nicely
> sustainable.
> At present, we have a chicken-and-egg problem, without adequate
> facilities, we won’t get more paying members and without more paying
> members, we cannot buy the equipment we need to attract members and
> demonstrate what can be ac hived in a collaborative Open Source world. This
> is why we are requesting Linux Australia for some financial assistance to
> kickstart our teaching and learning laboratory so that we can promote Linux
> and Open Source software in the Gold Coast community.
> If you have any further questions - feel free to email me back. I can also
> be contacted on the mobile on 0414 464564
> Refactor.
> Engage | Succeed | Repeat
> tel: +61 (0)7 5668 3424
> mob: +61 (0)414 464564
> web: refactor.com.au
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