[Linux-aus] LA Name Change - the process

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Sat Jul 21 13:15:08 EST 2012

Of course, I could just take the other extreme and say that LCA's always accepted papers tangentially (at best) related to Linux, mini-confs as well and that your question is too restrictive.

When did Linux Australia do -any- advocacy?

I honestly can't remember.

And no, running a conference is NOT advocacy (whatever you might think it is); it's running a conference and that's hard work.

By the way, you are being offensive and dismissive.

You (Anestis) said:

> Yup, exactly.  It seems some people can't understand a simple premise
> - that Linux Australia needs to change their name.

No it doesn't. It's not simple. It's not even a premise even more. And it's arguably not necessary.

I thought that it's blatantly obvious that it's not simple, the premises have been and are being challenged and the need for the name change is even questioned by the very FACT that the current committee has put an option to NOT CHANGE it.

Do I really have to point out the obvious? Surely if the name change HAD TO HAPPEN there'd be no option for it NOT TO HAPPEN?

Did I fail a logic course somewhere? I think others have.


On 21/07/2012, at 11:38 AM, Anestis Kozakis wrote:

> On 20 July 2012 21:31, David Lloyd <lloy0076 at adam.com.au> wrote:
>> If it were simple we wouldn't have this argument. You're being offensive and dismissive.
> So, instead of actually providing an answer to my question you instead
> claim I am being offensive and dismissive.  And yet, I have not called
> anyone names, just stated things as I see them, which other people in
> this discussion have done.
> So why attack me for my stating my opinions?
> So, again, here is my question.
>>> Apart from Linux.conf, when was the last time Linux Australia did any
>>> Linux advocacy?  When was the last time we saw a link to an article or
>>> news item that had a quote form someone representing Linux Australia
>>> regarding the promotion/use of Linux?
> It has been stated that if the name change occurs, Linux Australia
> will become available for anyone or a group that wants to do Linux
> advocacy under the new organisation's name.
> No one will be holding onto, stealing, or squatting the Linux
> Australia name.  There is no conspiracy theory.  There is no hidden
> agenda.  Everything has been laid out in the open.  Nothing is being
> done in secret.
> As to resources and assets, that can be discussed after the vote.
> Anestis.
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