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What I think is really happening is that Linux Australia is set to become a
subcommittee of another organisation that is going to be handed all the
assets of Linux Australia on a platter.


I still think there has been no valid/strong argument for the name change. I
think the arguments being put forward are specious at best.


If it is a problem explaining to potential sponsors, then put together a
document that explains the relationship with Linux Australia and include
that in the sponsorship kit.


I am not going to bore you with details, but a quick investigation shows
that many of the conferences held each year in Australia require cheques
made out to a name other than the actual name of the conference itself.


It appears to me there is another agenda here, but no one will actually come
out and say what it is.






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On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 3:34 AM, Chris Neugebauer <chrisjrn at gmail.com>

Indeed, this option was mooted in the previous centi-thread.  There

are two counterarguments here:

1) Such a method would generate an unreasonable paperwork burden upon
the council, given that this approach would need to be made available
to every LA-run conference.  If it's not offered to every conference,
then it strikes me as counterproductive.

2) It's counterproductive, as we'll then lose the brand recognition
that comes from multiple conferences being run under the same banner.
If PyCon AU is run by PyCon AU, then selling e.g. LCA onto PyCon's
sponsors becomes a more difficult task, rather than an easier one as
it currently is.


Create one business name, ie FOSCAN or whatever, and write all the

cheques from that.



It's definitely the latter, but it's not an insignificant number.  I
would say that about half of our sponsors are new to LA, and I've had
to explain the purpose of LA to all of these.


I think you'll be swapping explaining what linux asutralia is with what

foscan is. The good thing about linux australia is it's sort enough

to say the full name, I can't even remember what foscan stands for.

People will more likely say foscan rather than the six words,

and foscan is meaningless.

(I'm just using foscan as an example of a potential new name)


Lastly I think the subject is miss leading, LA isn't really being renamed,

as I understand it, it's being reorganised, LA will still exist and a new

will be created.


So why not put foscan under la, and if the majority see it's working well,

swap it so la comes under foscan.


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