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James Turnbull james at lovedthanlost.net
Sun Jul 15 01:08:22 EST 2012

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Brent Wallis wrote:
> However, I do believe that I have a right to make my opinion public. 
> TBH my opinion on this matter is probably a minority one.

No one is objecting you having an opinion - both Donna and I objected to
the snide insinuations that there is a conspiracy at work here. I also
suggested that if you don't like the running of the organization you can
always put your money where your mouth is and run a campaign on the

> You win, we lose. End of argument. Making this decision via the
> committee without a vote, even though the constitution seems to allow
> it, is simply thumbing your nose at the freedoms we are all meant to
> support.

So there's no point in discussing this with you because you've basically
ignored Peter's email? NO CHANGE IS BEING MADE WITHOUT A VOTE. If people
don't vote for a change - either in the initial ballots to short-list a
name (which includes the "No name change" option) then nothing happens.
If then a short-listed name is found THEN an SGM has to be held to
ratify the choice. You have THREE ballots - a choice, a run-off and the
SGM to oppose the change.  Exactly how much more democratic can this be?

I don't mind discussing rational disagreements about the future of an
organization I care deeply about. None of your objections appear
rational at this point.


James Turnbull

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