[Linux-aus] Quadcopter fun at UK customs

Brent Wallis brent.wallis at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 16:38:44 EST 2012


On Wed, Jul 4, 2012 at 4:00 PM, Adam Nielsen <a.nielsen at shikadi.net> wrote:
>> The state  fear seems to be based on the fact that just about anyone
>> can get hold of these machines.
>> In this case, an innocent artist gets barrelled in with bad guys.
> Where I work, part of the fire warden training is a demonstration of how
> easy it is to conceal a bomb, to persuade people to take bomb threats
> seriously even if you can't see any suspicious devices.
Threats should always be taken seriously.
Any Australian Supermarket has the ingredients to make a bomb that
could be assembled and detonated onsite within 15 minutes.
Most supermarkets train to look out for this.

> The presenter has a rather realistic (albeit somewhat Hollywood styled)
> fake bomb to use for this demonstration, and to my surprise, there is
> apparently no problem carrying this on a plane.  Apparently all you have
> to do is show the right kind of ID at the security checkpoint and they
> have no problem letting it through.
Sorry, have to disagree there.
There is a particular passport type and specific ID  that does allow
an individual to carry a weapon...but there is no ID that would allow
a suspicious package.
In fact, holders of such IDs are scrutinised to the hilt on entry and exit .

> So I guess if you were going to travel regularly with any
> suspicious-looking equipment, it would be worth investigating if there's
> some kind of approval you can get in advance.
Having travelled to the point where an airport makes me feel ill I
would have to agree there.

> I would think the long
> interviews are the result of surprising someone at a security
> checkpoint, whereas giving them some forewarning and a record in the
> system they can check to verify your story would make the whole
> experience much smoother.
But is a Quad Copter suspicious?
There were many of these in the display mentioned and my guess is that
they would not have been part of carry on luggage.
They have been declared on entry.
The bad bit is how the individual was scrutinised as a terrorist...
Drug dealers would get a better deal.


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