[Linux-aus] Quadcopter fun at UK customs

Arjen Lentz arjen at lentz.com.au
Wed Jul 4 17:10:33 EST 2012

Hi Brent

> > I would think the long
> > interviews are the result of surprising someone at a security
> > checkpoint, whereas giving them some forewarning and a record in the
> > system they can check to verify your story would make the whole
> > experience much smoother.

> But is a Quad Copter suspicious?
> There were many of these in the display mentioned and my guess is that
> they would not have been part of carry on luggage.
> They have been declared on entry.
> The bad bit is how the individual was scrutinised as a terrorist...
> Drug dealers would get a better deal.

One thing to realise is that UK is in a bit of a funny mood with the Olympics happening, to the point of discussing anti-aircraft missiles stationed in the London area. If that isn't a clear indication that some people and organisations have gone more than a tad bananas, I dunno what is. Just imagine what happens when you actually shoot down a flying object. Yes, it comes down anyway. Gravity will do that, but now there's lots more bits.
This was discovered long ago when skud missiles from Iraq were aimed at Israeli targets, and the Dutch supplied Patriot missile batteries. The results were really worse than the problem, which was admittedly not nice in itself.

However, the technology and the people in this story are still victims of this situation.
There are valid things to debate and that's exactly what Liam and his group aim for.
This doesn't help.

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