[Linux-aus] Quadcopter fun at UK customs

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Wed Jul 4 16:00:37 EST 2012

> The state  fear seems to be based on the fact that just about anyone
> can get hold of these machines.
> In this case, an innocent artist gets barrelled in with bad guys.

Where I work, part of the fire warden training is a demonstration of how 
easy it is to conceal a bomb, to persuade people to take bomb threats 
seriously even if you can't see any suspicious devices.

The presenter has a rather realistic (albeit somewhat Hollywood styled) 
fake bomb to use for this demonstration, and to my surprise, there is 
apparently no problem carrying this on a plane.  Apparently all you have 
to do is show the right kind of ID at the security checkpoint and they 
have no problem letting it through.

So I guess if you were going to travel regularly with any 
suspicious-looking equipment, it would be worth investigating if there's 
some kind of approval you can get in advance.  I would think the long 
interviews are the result of surprising someone at a security 
checkpoint, whereas giving them some forewarning and a record in the 
system they can check to verify your story would make the whole 
experience much smoother.


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