[Linux-aus] Quadcopter fun at UK customs

Brent Wallis brent.wallis at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 15:21:12 EST 2012


On Wed, Jul 4, 2012 at 10:20 AM, Arjen Lentz <arjen at lentz.com.au> wrote:
> Probably of interest to most here, given the tech used and the issues explored.
> "Fresh from performing at Science Gallery in Dublin last night during the opening of Hack the City, an English group of urbanists, technologists and architects who created GPS-enabled quadcopter drones, were held at London Southend Airport on
> suspicion of terrorism and recorded under the UK’s Terrorism Act.

...really sux and has implications for us hobbyists as well.
The state  fear seems to be based on the fact that just about anyone
can get hold of these machines.
In this case, an innocent artist gets barrelled in with bad guys.

I wonder out loud how long before there will be discussions on
restrictions around this type of  tech (Arduino and Rasberry PI as
....fearful states tend to always crack nuts with a sledghammer. :-(


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