[Linux-aus] Grant request: meeting recording system for CLUG

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Tue Feb 14 23:03:11 EST 2012

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On 02/14/2012 07:39 PM, Tim Ansell wrote:
> I recommend taking a look at my talk at LCA. Have you thought about trying
> to replicate my recording/streaming in a box solution?

I watched your talk, Tim.  Your work and equipment is good and I'm certainly
integrating some of your ideas: having a simple carrying case that has clear
instructions and clear labels on everything makes it easy to teach new people
about and pass on; aiming to process the videos as soon as they're recorded is
brilliant; and using simple technology to get things like audio and video
working is great.

Personally I'd prefer to get more like the LCA video equipment list simply
because I think that's a good standard bill of materials to go for.  It costs
around the same as your complete system, offers better quality for things like
video and audio of the presenter, and if LCA use it for recording talks then
it's more likely that I can find people who will know how to debug bits of it.

And, yes, it'd also be good to practice for LCA.  I'm the AV coordinator for
the 2013 conference and I want to learn how it all works and iron all the
creases out well in advance.  But that's not the main reason I'm requesting a
grant for that particular bill of materials.

My own opinion of streaming is that I think it's less attractive than having
talks available online.  It's certainly more distracting for speakers -
especially ones who haven't practiced much - to have another potential source
of questions and comments to monitor.  And I fear the Gabriel Greater Internet
******* Theory of interaction - give someone the chance to put silly messages
on a screen with no recriminations or way to prevent it and someone, sooner or
later, will.

The objective of getting the videos up as soon as possible seems to me to be
achievable - especially with our proximity to AARNET and the
mirror.linux.org.au server.  That's enough for me to aim for at the moment :-)

Have fun,

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