[Linux-aus] Grant request: meeting recording system for CLUG

Tim Ansell mithro at mithis.com
Tue Feb 14 19:39:20 EST 2012

I recommend taking a look at my talk at LCA. Have you thought about trying
to replicate my recording/streaming in a box solution?

I applaud the effort to try and get CLUG talks online but I'm not sure this
set up is the best solution for this use case. This set up sounds perfect
for a conference which runs for a day in one place but seems overly
complicated for a couple of 1 hour talks. Is there an alternative motive to
practice for LCA? (Which would be a good justification.)


On 14 February 2012 18:46, Paul Wayper <paulway at mabula.net> wrote:

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> Greetings people,
> I would like to request a grant from Linux Australia for equipment for
> recording CLUG meetings.  This would comprise of a set of equipment
> similar to
> that used to record LCA meetings and would be used at both CLUG monthly
> meetings and PSIG meetings (speakers and their wishes permitting).  Steve
> Walsh has provided this list of equipment with prices from local music
> stores
> or online:
> Manfrotto 055XPROB tripod - $300
> Sony Mini-DV DSR-PD100AP - $205
> Canopus Twinpact 100 (VGA capture)        - $700
> Yamaha MG102 Mixer (2 mic inputs with a spare, plus unbalanced audio in /
> out)
> - - $220
> Sennheiser Freeport Mic System. One beltpack and Lapel Mic, One Handheld
> Microphone, two receivers - $720
> Assorted cables to connect all this up - $150
> Total of the grant request is $2295.
> Steve has already purchased the Mini-DV camera and would like to be
> reimbursed
> for that as part of this grant request.
> We would aim to keep this kit together, either at the ANU (where CLUG
> meetings
> are held) or at a designated person's house depending on whatever suits
> Linux
> Australia.  I am a member of Linux Australia and would be happy to be
> responsible to LA for the equipment.
> I believe this is for the good of FOSS and Linux in Australia.  CLUG talks
> are
> wide ranging in topic but cover interesting technical aspects of Linux and
> Free Open Source Software.  Meeting videos would be recorded in Ogg format
> (Vorbis for audio, Theora or Dirac for video) and uploaded to the Linux
> Australia mirror (mirror.linux.org.au) which is in the same building as
> the
> meeting room.  We would also be using FOSS throughout - DVswitch being the
> preferred software platform - and would document the procedure on the CLUG
> website (soon to be revamped).  Videos would also credit Linux Australia
> with
> the donation of the equipment.
> If you have any questions or need more detail please don't hesitate to ask
> :-)
> Thanks in advance,
> Paul Wayper
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