[Linux-aus] AGM, Election, Name Change & Rusty Wrench Award

John Ferlito johnf at inodes.org
Sun Dec 16 09:41:50 EST 2012

On Sun, Dec 16, 2012 at 04:45:52AM +1100, David Newall wrote:
> Of course, it must be admitted that this election cannot directly result 
> in change of name.  That may only be done by special resolution, which 
> requires the text of the proposed resolution to be circulated 21-days 
> prior to the meeting.  What we currently are voting for is to choose the 
> name that will form the basis of that special resolution.  The Council 

That's correct and I'm not sure if we made it totally clear. This vote
is not an "election" per say. It is a mechanism we are using to trim
down the list of names.

An SGM will then be held to actually vote on changing the name. James
Polley has sent emails previously as to how this need to work
according to fair trading rules.

> It is a matter of great disappointment to me that the previous council 
> mindfully and explicitly chose to discard the old constitution without 
> including electronic voting at elections in the new one; that provision 
> had been approved by members (even if the Director General had not yet 
> been notified.)  It cannot be said that this was an oversight as the 
> point was raised during extended debate.  I regret that a postal ballot 
> will be a significant expense, however the only alternative (under the 
> new constitution) would disenfranchise a great portion of our members.

That's not quite true. The constitution mentions that various things
have to happen in writing all over the place. To cater for this the
very top of the constitution mentions.

  written and in writing means either writing on paper; communication by
  electronic transmission, including facsimile and email; and submission
  of electronic forms in any format determined by the committee.


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