[Linux-aus] LCA2014 update

Anthony Towns aj at erisian.com.au
Tue Aug 28 18:05:07 EST 2012

On 28 August 2012 15:55, John Ferlito <johnf at inodes.org> wrote:
> * Involve paid professionals?

We already do this of course -- caterers, hotel staff, travel agents,
university security, etc. Wellington was hosted at a convention centre
rather than a uni and went well, I think. (And the difference between
unis and convention centres seems less than it once did to me,

There's a few things that don't work well about "professionals". One
is they might not "get it" -- lca is special and weird in some ways,
that it might be a shame to lose, and that isn't easy to just buy.
Another is that it might crowd out volunteer contributors; in the "oh,
that's someone's job, my help's not wanted/needed" sense. I'd guess
that keeping the overall organisation, and the programme in volunteer
hands might work mostly for that?

> * Hold it in the same city every year?

I don't think that would help?

> * Make it a three day conference without miniconfs
> * Have no schwag
> * Make accommodation the attendees problem


> * Drop all the extra curricular activities like dinner, PDNS, speakers
>   dinner etc

My impression (back from 2002) was that PDNS and speakers dinner were
easy -- you find somewhere to host, pay them money, and it's done.
They're both relatively small and easy, and not a huge hit on the
budget (unlike the actual dinner, or morning/afternoon tea, etc).

I'd be willing to be a part of an "outsourced lca" bid that's not held
in Brisbane.


Anthony Towns <aj at erisian.com.au>

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