[Linux-aus] Should Linux Australia change its name

Christopher Yeoh cyeoh at ozlabs.org
Fri Apr 27 01:39:47 EST 2012

On Thu, 26 Apr 2012 22:12:36 +1000
Chris Neugebauer <chrisjrn at gmail.com> wrote:
> wrote:
> > Some could say same about those that want to dump the name linux.
> > I can see  Chris's POV, but he wants us to dump the name Linux to
> > make his life easier, this is a Linux grass roots organisation.
> Linux Australia is NOT a Linux grass roots organisation.  It is a Free
> and Open Source community organisation.

I think perhaps you've identified what is at the core of much of the
resistance to a name change. For historical reasons there's a bunch of
people who see LA as a Linux organisation which is also very
supportive of other free and open source software/hardware communities
(as well as a few other things). 

And then there's people who see LA as an free/open source software
organisation, of which Linux is just one of the many things that it

I wonder if its worth considering a theoretical situation where LA had
a financial disaster and could only afford to seed one conference in a
year. Which one would that be and why?

Incidentally to a lesser extent I think LCA has also been slowly
changing over the years from what originally was a pretty hardcore linux
conference to one which is a lot more inclusive of other open
source/hardware/community talks.

If we do have a name change and it has to represent what we do (and I'm
not entirely convinced this is actually necessary given the number of
organisations out there that have names that give no clue to what they
do) then I'd suggest something that includes open hardware since its
such a rapidly growing area. 


cyeoh at ozlabs.org

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