[Linux-aus] Should Linux Australia change its name

Steven Hanley sjh at svana.org
Fri Apr 27 10:13:53 EST 2012

On Fri, Apr 27, 2012 at 01:09:47AM +0930, Christopher Yeoh wrote:
> I think perhaps you've identified what is at the core of much of the
> resistance to a name change. For historical reasons there's a bunch of
> people who see LA as a Linux organisation which is also very
> supportive of other free and open source software/hardware communities
> (as well as a few other things). 
> And then there's people who see LA as an free/open source software
> organisation, of which Linux is just one of the many things that it
> does.
> I wonder if its worth considering a theoretical situation where LA had
> a financial disaster and could only afford to seed one conference in a
> year. Which one would that be and why?
> Incidentally to a lesser extent I think LCA has also been slowly
> changing over the years from what originally was a pretty hardcore linux
> conference to one which is a lot more inclusive of other open
> source/hardware/community talks.
> If we do have a name change and it has to represent what we do (and I'm
> not entirely convinced this is actually necessary given the number of
> organisations out there that have names that give no clue to what they
> do) then I'd suggest something that includes open hardware since its
> such a rapidly growing area. 

Yes I agree LA and the primary conference LCA are about much more than just
hard core linux stufff now days, I have no problem with that and it is to be
encouraged. However the name Linux has a great recognition and brand we have
been able to get recognition by associating with for a long time.

Once people have some point to talk with us about anything (whether they
like or dislike Linux) a dialogue can be opened.  If we had some less
recognisable name in (to the greater public) it would be more easily ignored
or written off I think.

I guess I also see a name change as a pointless waste of what little
volunteer time and effort there is available to do great stuff in the open
source/hardware/etc world.

The world changes constantly, stick with a brand and put your energies into
doing other interesting stuff.

When I see major companies or groups or other organisations rebranding it
just reeks of a waste of time and money to me.

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