[Linux-aus] Should Linux Australia change its name

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Thu Apr 26 20:14:29 EST 2012

>> Chris has spent more than enough time - by my count 20 odd emails worth
>> - - emailing his issue in explicit detail. Sticking our heads in the sand
>> denying his perspective seems both arrogant and offensive.
> It could seem that way to you, to others, too, no doubt.  On the other
> hand, there are those who hear Chris's concerns but don't share them.
> That's not arrogance, it's their perspective.

To be fair, I don't think some are able to fully see it from Chris' point of 
view as they're blinded by their (understandable) high opinion of Linux.  At 
the risk of coming across as being patronising, I think this is a suitable, if 
somewhat contrived, analogy:

Imagine we were having the first LCA ever.  We don't have much money, so we 
ask Linux users for donations to help get the conference off the ground.  Lots 
of people want to donate.  We realise that we need bank accounts to accept 
these, along with insurance and other things.  Luckily a company by the name 
of Microsoft have an unexpected change of heart and agree to run the 
conference for us, so we're able to piggyback off their insurance.  Now all we 
have to do is get back to all those generous Linux users and ask them to send 
their donations to us care of Microsoft.

Now most people have many ideas (right or wrong) about Microsoft, and I'm sure 
it would take some effort to persuade the average Linux user to send money 
their way.  I'm sure many people would be wondering why Microsoft is running a 
Linux conference at all, and what their motive is.  If I am understanding 
correctly, this is the problem Chris is facing when a Linux organisation is 
running a seemingly unrelated conference (note running, not sponsoring.)

Unfortunately I don't really have any idea what the solution is.  What would 
Microsoft do?  (Is it even Microsoft's problem?)


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