[Linux-aus] What happened at the SGM?

Tim Ansell mithro at mithis.com
Mon Sep 5 08:39:44 EST 2011

The video of the SGM is now up on YouTube. Sorry about taking so long to do
this, YouTube and myself had a bit of a fight.



On 3 September 2011 22:12, Julien Goodwin <linux-aus at studio442.com.au>wrote:

> As one of the (few) in person attendees I just wanted to make one note.
> I was *very* disappointed that the *sole* attendee of the meeting that
> wasn't a Google staffer or their partner was Jeff Waugh. (No, I'm not
> excluding LA council members here)
> I know these sort of procedural things are a bit of a PITA, but it's the
> support of members for even the procedural stuff helps keep the council
> in a clear mandate to continue the never ending work of improving the
> organisation.
> Certainly I don't expect people to fly around the country for this sort
> of thing (except possibly relevant LA council members), but surely we
> have more Sydney locals that don't work for Google.
> The support of the people on IRC, in my mind, was not just helpful, but
> essential.
> A video of the SGM was taken by Tim Ansell, and I believe was uploaded
> to YouTube, but I can't see it with a quick search.
> Again, thanks to all on the council, and Mary who's now left, for their
> efforts.
> On 03/09/11 13:40, Mike Carden wrote:
> >> has there been any announcement as to what
> >> happened at the SGM on Monday?
> >
> >
> > I expect El Prez will announce things in due course, but the tl;dr
> > summary is that all of the amendments were passed.
> >
> > The video streaming of the meeting worked very well and in combination
> > with IRC, there were observers from all over.
> >
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