[Linux-aus] What happened at the SGM?

Julien Goodwin linux-aus at studio442.com.au
Sat Sep 3 22:12:35 EST 2011

As one of the (few) in person attendees I just wanted to make one note.

I was *very* disappointed that the *sole* attendee of the meeting that
wasn't a Google staffer or their partner was Jeff Waugh. (No, I'm not
excluding LA council members here)

I know these sort of procedural things are a bit of a PITA, but it's the
support of members for even the procedural stuff helps keep the council
in a clear mandate to continue the never ending work of improving the

Certainly I don't expect people to fly around the country for this sort
of thing (except possibly relevant LA council members), but surely we
have more Sydney locals that don't work for Google.

The support of the people on IRC, in my mind, was not just helpful, but

A video of the SGM was taken by Tim Ansell, and I believe was uploaded
to YouTube, but I can't see it with a quick search.

Again, thanks to all on the council, and Mary who's now left, for their

On 03/09/11 13:40, Mike Carden wrote:
>> has there been any announcement as to what
>> happened at the SGM on Monday?
> I expect El Prez will announce things in due course, but the tl;dr
> summary is that all of the amendments were passed.
> The video streaming of the meeting worked very well and in combination
> with IRC, there were observers from all over.

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